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About this Blog

Posted by Bill Lee on June 26, 2006 at 09:38 AM

Voice of the (B2B) Customer brings together the professionals who organize and run Customer Programs such as Customer Reference Programs, Customer Advisory Boards and Customer Communities. Their job is to engage with, understand, and deepen relationships with customers in ways that provide mutual value. This blog's job is to help make them more effective and their jobs easier.

Reference Community Comments

I'm trying to get the Reference Program going in ASG. Even though there's something in place, it's messy. Everybody has some information, but one doesn't know about the other. I put a process together but I would love some advice from anybody who started a Reference Program without budget, or any kind of advice that you think I could use or need, like how to get to more customers in a smart and efficient way to get them to be reference. Thanks!

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