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don't out-spend, out-inspire

Posted by Bill Lee on July 10, 2006 at 10:47 AM

Following is a great little checklist to refer to the next time you're putting together a success story campaign, customer videos, events or other messaging efforts based on your customer references. It's from a great blog put out by Kathy Sierra called Creating Passionate Users.

It will help you avoid a problem common to us marketers. Our job it is to develop motivating messages that attract the interest of buyers. Unfortunately, we often put them to sleep instead. Our efforts to develop and stay "on message" can translate into "boring people to tears" with eye-rolling corporate-speak.

What a shame when this happens to those of us who run customer reference programs, because the most powerful possible marketing message comes from happy customers. But check out the success stories and case studies out there -- many of which are available on corporate websites. of course -- and you'll find they often lack candor and emotional appeal, or even a clear explanation of business value provided. In the race to get references, meet deadlines, build robust and user-friendly data-bases, and all the other pieces required by an effective reference program, we can overlook the whole point -- to create powerful customer messages.

Out-Spend or Out-Inspire, courtesy of Kathy Sierra

Here's a link to Kathy's post on the subject.

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