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Recruiting Customers That Have WW Brands

Posted by Bill Lee on August 25, 2006 at 11:00 AM

We have another request (anonymous) from a leading technology firm (trust me when I say "leading"), who is looking to entice tier one customers with established worldwide brands into a reference program. "Our Customer Reference Program team is working on developing a clear value proposition for our customers to support our campaigns. Interestingly enough, this is our biggest challenge when asking a customer to participate in a case study or other corporate offering. We're a technology leader, so partnering with us is a great value proposition, but when you are trying to engage with WW brand names, it doesn’t resonate as much.

"I would like to ask this forum what they offer to their customers as a valuable “get” that has made their program successful."

To respond to this request, please comment below.

Reference Community Comments

You have to give the IT Manager something to approach his boss with that demonstrates that joining your program is worth the time and effort. We've had some success with paying annual membership dues and conference fees to our international users group, where users network with others, learn more about the technology, have the opportunity to provide input to roadmaps, etc. Allowing customers to have this for free resonates with some.

Even if your company has good brand recognition it is still a challenge to gain the attention of high profile customers. Since they may have complex and large organizations with press, legal and marketing teams involved in endorsements, your approach needs to be carefully crafted and presented hopefully with the backing of your C-level executives. Of course the focus of the problem you are solving for your customer with your company's products should be compelling and flattering so they feel it's a worthwhile effort.

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