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Surveying the Sales Force

Posted by Bill Lee on August 25, 2006 at 10:55 AM

Rhonda DiGiorgio at Progress Software has this request: "My VP has asked me to put together some statistical information and then survey the field on our reference program (why isn’t it being used, what’s best about it, what’s missing, etc). Anything you have regarding surveying a sales force would be very valuable"

If you have information or survey results from your own sales force you can share, please comment below. If you have information you'd prefer to share directly with Rhonda but not the community as a whole, let me know and I'll send you Rhonda's email address.

Reference Community Comments

I have results from a survey we did with our sales team last December. I can email you a PDF if you let me know where to send it.

Steve Jensen
NetSuite, Inc.

When I joined LANDesk six months ago as the new Customer Programs manager, I did a survey with the worldwide sales employees. I used a free online survey tool called Zoomerang which I used at Novell for years. The response was great and honestly a great way for me to introduce myself to them.

I asked questions including:
1. How often do you need a customer reference? (Answers included daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and other)
2. How important are customer references to you in your role? (range 1 - 4 with 4 being very important)
3. How satisfied are you with LANDesk's customer reference program? (range 1-4 with 4 being very satisfied)
4. What suggestions do you have for the Customer Reference Program? (open ended question which resulted in great input)
5. Do you have any customers you would like to have contacted to be a reference or success story? If yes, please provide their information (customer name, company name and phone number). Thank you! (another open ended question)

I summarized the responses and provided the results to my Director and put them in my Customer References project plan. It probably helped that I worked with surveys for about six years while I was at Novell, but I tell you if you get input from sales, they will love you and respect you for even asking.

Let me know if you have any questions and happy reference hunting!

If you would be interesting in reading this book ( you would find a lot of detail about surveying. It is written by the president of Mindshare - which specializes in surveys. I'm not sure if you would want that much information ,but it has helped my company alot - and I agree with Liz each department will love to be asked their opinions.

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