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Needed: Templates for Sales Surveys

Posted by Bill Lee on December 8, 2006 at 11:56 AM

Kim Nelson from Quantum is looking for Sales Survey Templates people have used to determine what sales needs from a reference program. Here are the specifics.

Hi Bill:

I am looking for surveys or questionnaires that customer reference managers have sent to their sales teams in order to assess what they would want/need from a customer reference program. Also, if there were surveys sent after the program had launched to measure its success, those would also be helpful. Can you send a request out to the forum to see if anyone is willing to share these materials with me? Many thanks!

Best Regards,

Kim Nelson
Public Relations Manager

To respond to this request, please comment below.

Reference Community Comments

This is a great article, and it's great for business. I'm going to speak to some of my managers on this issue today.

I prepared and distributed a survey to our sales teams to find out their top needs & wants for a customer references program, as part of my BPI project to overhaul the Dell Professional Services' program. I would be happy to share it.


Point-of-Reference helped me put together survey at this time last year that we distributed to our NetSuite sales team, and from which we got good feedback. I'd be happy to share it if you're still in need.

I'd appreciate getting copies of the surveys offered by Cristin and Steve, if they could both send their respective surveys to me at

Many thanks,

Bridget Serchak

I'd also appreciate getting copies of the surveys offered by Cristin and Steve, if you could both send your respective surveys to me at

Thanks very much,
Dan Dillon
Marketing Program Manager - Expansion & Evangelism
Perceptive Software, Inc.

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