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Knowledge Exchange: Template for Concise Sales Tool Needed

Posted by Bill Lee on January 17, 2007 at 10:31 AM

David Held at Microsoft needs a sales tool template and is asking for help on this from the community. Please see below for more information.

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I am seeking a template to use as an example/guide for creating a variety of sales tools for our field/partners. I am seeking a one-page template that focuses on customers in a particular industry. I conceptualize it having very little product related content and what content is there would relate to the focus industry of the document. There would be a number of customers featured (4-5) with a logo/name and maybe a short statement or quote from a spokesperson.

Essentially this would be used as a leave behind tool when a prospect as for a personal customer reference and would fill the gap until one is secured.

In addition, a second request around this would be then any tips on the value proposition that others have used to get enterprise level customers to agree to be used on these types of sales tools. Thanks again for your help. David”

To respond to this request, please comment below. If you'd prefer to respond privately, please email me and I'll pass your information along.

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