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Tim Thorsteinson, Sean Geehan to co-keynote Summit

Posted by Bill Lee on August 31, 2009 at 03:00 PM

Tim is President of Harris Broadcast Communications, and Sean is founder of the Geehan Group and author of the forthcoming book: C-Level Guide to Transforming Your B2B Organization. They'll be keynoting at the 2009 Summit on Customer Engagement. Sean will tee things up with results from his firm's research, showing that B2B firms often,  mistakenly, adopt B2C tactics and strategies, with disappointing and even disastrous results. B2B customers, in particular, are different and must be engaged differently. Geehan Group's research covers firms such as Harris Broadcast, Crown Partners, Cisco, Henny Penny, Springer Publishing, Quest Diagnostics, Kodak, Intesource, Intel, Oracle and others.

Tim will then provide a real-world company leader's perspective. He'll show how Harris has developed, run and measures their customer engagement capabilities -- including its customer reference program, communities, and others --  in a way that resonates with a CEO and other P&L owners to prove tangible ROI. You'll come away with a better understanding of how a CEO thinks about and values your own customer engagement program.

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