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You're not alone: major issues faced by reference program managers

Posted by Bill Lee on September 17, 2009 at 10:41 AM
Based on a "flash" survey of 42 reference program managers that we conducted earlier this summer: 

1. Top reasons why customer reference programs may be falling short, in order (most cited reason first):
- Our program is under funding pressure.    
- Customer participation in the program is low.    
- We're spinning our wheels on important new initiatives– - like (developing) a partner reference program or global reference program -- and need guidance.    
- Our sales department is dissatisfied.
- Our market share is down compared to competitors with more extensive reference programs.
- We're spinning our wheels to develop a social media strategy, and need guidance.

2. Areas where reference managers feel they need more information:
-  How to increase participation by customers
-  Investing in and leverage social media
-  How to integrate reference programs with other customer engagement programs, such as advisory boards, customer communities, etc.
-  Best ways to measure reference programs
-  Setting budgets for reference programs
-  Gaining cooperation from Sales, Marketing or other stakeholders

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