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2010 Customer Reference Forum Update: Establishing Global Priorities

Posted by Bill Lee on February 11, 2010 at 09:54 AM

We've just added Lexmark's Jeanne Talbot to our list of presenters at the 2010 Customer Reference Forum. Here's a brief preview of her presentation abstract:

Maximizing Impact: How Lexmark Sets Key- and Global Account Reference Priorities

by Jeanne Talbot, Senior Customer Communications Manager, Lexmark International

Taking its customer reference program global meant a lot more for Lexmark than just adopting the existing program elsewhere. With tightened budgets and resources, how has this output technology leader set priorities to make every reference (and every dollar) count? Jeanne will discuss how a very small team of motivated professionals has:

- Gained executive sponsorship at the highest levels within Lexmark

- Prioritized key and global accounts and convinced those salespeople to embrace the reference program

- Customized a program that is culturally relevant around the world

- Standardized content and processes across regions

- Deployed an online reference management system to 1,000 users (and trained them)

 . . . and much more.


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