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Announcing Onsite Workshops for "Just-in-Time Customer References"

Posted by Bill Lee on April 28, 2010 at 02:54 PM

This is an advanced notice for my online and email community--the public announcement goes out next week. For more information about these two new onsite workshops, feel free to contact me directly using the contact .

This year we've begun quietly offering onsite workshops to help firms quickly build more effective customer reference programs. The need is so clear that we're now making these more widely available. 

 The two workshops being introduced are:

  • Creating Just-In-Time Customer References, and
  • Customer Advocacy Online: Bringing References into Social Media and Lead Generation

We're also providing Customized Workshops for certain firms as well.

Why We're Offering Onsite Workshops

The workshops are for companies that need to either build, or retool, a reference program to have a substantial impact on the business. They can't wait for next year's Customer Reference Forum and they don't want to waste time reinventing the wheel. 

So we'll be bringing to companies onsite access to relevant best practices and leading innovations in reference management--based on more than five years of research, reports, interviews and analysis, and of course insights developed at the industry leading conference over those five years, Customer Reference Forum.

How Reference Programs Will Benefit From the Workshops

  • Develop exciting, high-impact initiatives for your reference program.
  • Focus on rapid implementation and business impact.
  • Gain immediate access to relevant best practices in reference management.
  • Align your reference program with your firm’s unique strategic needs--the key to executive support.
  • Gain industry support and affirmation for key initiatives. (It’s one thing to say, “We need to do this,” and another thing to say, “Industry leaders are doing these, and we need to as well.”)
  • Get enhanced access to other leading practitioners—customer reference or other related customer engagement or social media professionals.
  • Determine what activities you can STOP doing, either by outsourcing or discarding time wasting, low-impact activities altogether.
  • And of course, no travel offsite needed!

How Your Company Will Benefit 

Here are just a few ways we've seen over the years:

  • Create measurable increases in sales productivity.
  • Deepen relationships with senior decision-making buyers, gaining access to their rolodexes of peer contacts.
  • Foster substantial Improvements in social media marketing efforts, by providing more credible evidence from actual customers—often peers of prospective buyers—that can result in dramatic improvements in lead generation and branding.
  • Kick start PR efforts by gaining notice from media and industry analysts, who find customer evidence and testimonials more credible than corporate statements.
  • Improve the success of new product launches, by providing both the beta testers as well as the testimonials that are critical to their success.

. . . and there's more.

For more information about the new workshops, please contact me using the information above.

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