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August Newsletter: Reinventing a Customer Reference Program

Posted by Bill Lee on August 12, 2010 at 09:15 AM


Last month we saw that "reinventing customer relationships" is one of the three top issues for CEOs today, according the the recent IBM survey of 1500 global CEOs. Reference programs can be a key player in such an effort. This month I'll provide some more* tips on how to implement changes your program needs in order to play such a key role.

 (* See the March issue:


1. Expand your thinking about what customer reference programs can be doing.

These days reference programs are in the middle of improving qualified lead generation efforts, building successful customer communities and social media programs, building key executive-to-executive relationships, improving early adopter rates for new product launches, helping to develop "solutions selling" offerings, improving strategic alignment with customers, gaining greater penetration into existing customer accounts ... the list goes on and on.

2. Always know what senior management's agenda is.

You might have to throw away your canned deck showing what terrific things your reference program could be doing. Start a new one whose first slide is top management's priorities--in particular, the ones that your reference program could have a powerful impact on. Then show how you can do so, always in terms of outcomes for your senior management's objectives.

3. As you begin the change initiative, Identify encouragers and detractors early.

Before proceeding in any change initiative for your program, it's worthwhile to think through who your encouragers are--and how to attract more of the right people. And among potential encouragers, don't forget customers themselves. They can be powerful advocates in a change initiative that will have clear benefits for them. As for detractors, ignoring them can sabotage an otherwise promising change initiative. It's critical to avoid this deadly buzz: "Well, here's yet another program of the month." Combat that with education, visible executive support, and consistency in purpose. If a powerful detractor emerges who's bent on sinking your change initiative, there are really only two options: His boss must order him unequivocally to cease and desist with opposition, to the point of including this requirement in his performance review. Or he must be removed from the scene either temporarily or permanently.

4. Be prepared for roadblocks

Here are a few that most change initiatives will encounter at some point, along with tips for addressing them:

- Roadblock: The Compensation or Reward System

"We can't make the changes you propose because it would require changing the sales compensation system, which we can't do. We certainly can't do it mid-year." is a common objection. Remember two things: this is nonsense. Systems serve the business, not vice versa. Also, take the initiative to propose the changes that will need to be made rather than leaving it up to the compensation bureaucracy.

- Roadblock: Vested Interests

Whose boat is your change initiative rocking? For example, a senior sales person may not want his top tier customers "bothered." If you've done everything possible to address his concerns, then you may have a vested interest on your hand. Solution: don't attack the person, attack his reasons. You can suggest to your executive sponsor that customers be directly surveyed to find out if they would really be bothered by the change initiative. You'll likely find that your carefully thought through initiative will delight them, neutralizing the objection.

- Roadblock: Lethargy, Apathy

This is a killer, and the first line of defense is your own attitude. You must be passionate about the change initiative (otherwise don't even get started) and you must communicate that passion, along with the good business reasons, for proceeding. And don't forget: for any constituent you work with, always show clearly the rewards and advantages they'll reap from the effort.

For more on this--including more about key initiatives today's reference programs are doing, dealing with personal and emotional time wasters, ways to help senior management achieve their objectives and more--drop me an email to receive my new White Paper, Transforming a Customer Reference Program: Implementing Change That Leads to Dramatic Impact."

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