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BE the Influencer

Posted by Bill Lee on October 6, 2010 at 03:48 PM

There's a great deal of interest now in Influencer marketing--finding and engaging with the mavens, connectors, network hubs and the like in your marketplace and getting them to say positive things about you. The Web has created a platform in which bloggers, often unaffiliated with traditional media or analyst firms, can create large followings that are quite attractive to marketers. 

But why not focus even harder on BEING a major influencer in your market? (A better aspiration is to become a thought leader, but that's a subject for another day. 

Think about it. First, you’ve got access to your customers who are in the trenches every day, facing and solving (hopefully with your help) the real world issues confronting your industry.

In addition, your firm has professional business, technical, and process experts who are working side by side with your customers to help them find real world solutions. This is the sort of information that outside influencers, as well as analysts and industry media, crave. And you’ve got it. Why depend on a marketing communications strategy that hands over such powerful intellectual property to these mediators? Why not develop a communication strategy in which YOU leverage your IP to develop your own large following in the marketplace? Why not be the big dog influencer yourself?


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