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Customer Reference Video Watch

Posted by Bill Lee on October 4, 2010 at 07:52 AM

A great customer video. No glossy production values. No one says "state of the art," "seamless," "best of breed," or other tiresome buzzwords. It's about the customer. Notice you learn very quickly how his business benefits from the vendor's solution. You get a sense of his emotional response to what the vendor has done for him. Thumbs up!


Reference Community Comments

I couldn’t agree more, Bill. We went into a conference room with a reasonably decent camera, a tripod, and very pleased clients and came out with what we believe are pretty compelling video testimonials. Only added a few title screens and a little music. It is certainly more about capturing the emotion resulting from the value received, and that can’t be scripted.

Thanks Mike. Now if someone could just explain to me how to get YouTube videos to stay within the margins my day would be complete:)

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