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Creating a "Curriculum" For The B2B Buyer

Posted by Bill Lee on November 18, 2010 at 01:31 PM

Nice article <> by the Seybold Group about Pam Casale, Director of Marketing, Trusted Cloud Computing Division of CSC. A former teacher, she creates a sort of currriculum for buyers that's designed around the questions they have in their search for solutions to their challenges. And chances are, their questions aren't going to be about your products and services--certainly not in the critical early stages of the buying cycle. Instead they're wondering "How are others addressing my challenge?" or "How will I sell this to my management."

Pam works carefully to map out the full range of questions likely buyers for CSC solutions will be asking, including how they're likely to get from one answer to the next question, and then figures out the best way to deliver content that can answer them, as well as suitable calls to action (that may well lead them to content that answers their next logical questions). It goes without saying that a lot of the most informative answers to buyers' questions will come from CSC customer content, such as videos, case studies and the like. By adapting and repurposing existing content, she avoids long lead times in putting it all together. 

The piece makes another good point from Pam: People don't learn from isolated facts, but from relating something new they've learned to something they already know. Which means that in new fields--such as cloud computing--it's important to provide them with a vocabulary and definitions for new terms, and to relate them to something familiar they already understand.

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