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The $5,000 Customer Video Is Here

Posted by Bill Lee on November 8, 2010 at 01:53 PM

Just had a chat in lovely Palo Alto with one of the leading customer advocacy managers in Silicon Valley, who's cracked the code for creating affordable, good quality customer videos. As we know, buyers value information from their peers--including your existing customers--more highly than other sources. And video content is king. The major hurdle in taking advantage of those facts is cost--good quality customer videos can cost well into 5 figures.

Until now. Here’s the formula for a good quality $5K video (and it doesn't’ involve sending the customer a flip camera!):

- Don’t work through agencies or other firms that would hire a video contractor. Work with the video firm directly. You need direct communication to take advantage of their artistry, which is important to the result.

- Find one or two that you trust and pay them to travel. A reasonable cost is $1000 for travel anywhere in the US. That avoids many hassles if you try to work always with locals.

- For each shoot, provide your video firm with a script. Get them to use stock video footage that every firm has of its campus and offices. You want your video firm to only shoot the customer responding to your specific questions.(It might also be worthwhile to engage with the customer video team to see if they'd be willing to contribute more to the shoot.)

- The most important aspect of the shoot is the editing. Make sure the video firm you use is excellent in this area.

Budget for a $5K customer video:

  • Travel: $1,000
  • 1 day shoot: $1,000
  • Editing: $3,000
And just to confirm, I know a top reference team that's getting very good videos done at that price. Which means you can too.

Reference Community Comments

There's extremely helpful info in your blog post! In budgeting, one thing people should remember is not to skimp on the audio recording and editing. Great audio can make a $5K video seem like a $10K video. Of course, a great script is key to raising the production value and keeping it both authentic and persuasive. To optimize ROI of the video, SEO for video content is also crucial.

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