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Tom Wong of to Keynote the 2011 Summit

Posted by Bill Lee on January 18, 2011 at 10:27 AM

I'm thrilled to announce that Tom Wong, one of the most creative as well as accomplished marketing executives I've encountered--and mastermind of Dreamforce, SFDC's hugely successful customer conference--will be keynoting the 2011 Summit on Customer Engagement. This is breaking news--we don't yet have his abstract up on the Website yet, so here's a sneak peek:


Game Changing Customer Engagement in the Age of Facebook

 by Tom Wong, Vice President, Dreamforce, Customer Marketing Programs (aka Customer Mojo),

Tom will show how has built one of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley in the last ten years with a game-changing focus on customer engagement. The firm was built from the ground up on the concept of developing passionate customer evangelists and letting them do a major part of the marketing for SFDC in everything from its famed live City Tour events, robust customer reference program, online user groups, and its yearly conference Dreamforce. Tom will share leading-edge social media insights, such as how his team has deployed a Facebook-like customer interface that SFDC credits for exponential growth of  the firm’s annual conference Dreamforce even through the last two years of recession.


Reference Community Comments

As a friend of Tom Wong, a long-time customer of, and a very engaged member of the Salesforce customer community, I applaud you for bringing in Tom to keynote on customer engagement. He's tried countless tactics for customer engagement and succeeded at most all of them. He's always looking to the community for ideas to make the experience better. I really appreciate Tom and the great work he's done for Salesforce.

Thanks Jeff.

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