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Workshops for Building Essential Skills at the 2012 Summit: Our Newest Initiative

Posted by Bill Lee on August 10, 2011 at 05:51 PM

I wanted to give you a heads up on our newest initiative in response to feedback from our last Summit.

I and our Advisory Board have heard from a lot of folks, "We need skills building." We're responding. We're going to add a track of workshops that will provide participants with  training and knowledge on specific skills that will help you run a better reference program, to get it ready for the changes that are coming in this dynamic area of marketing, and to advance in your career.

For more information on those, please see below. And feel free, or course, to email my back with any questions, ideas you may have at bill at customerreferenceforum dot com.


2012  Summit on Customer Engagement

February 28-29, San Mateo, CA

Many of you want specific SKILLS training that will help you excel in running and supporting customer reference and other customer engagement programs. 

As a result, at the 2012 Summit we're going to have:

-  One track dedicated solely to three or four workshops that focus on skills building. 

It's important to learn from leading customer engagement programs and their managers--and we will of course continue to have presentations by them. But it's also important to begin providing you with specific skills-building and knowledge that can be applied in a variety of programs. We haven't selected the topics yet; stay tuned in the next four weeks for that.

- The workshops will lead by our most trusted long-term service providers in the space. 

After much discussion by our Advisory Board, we agreed that experienced vendors in this space are a great--and often untapped resource--for our community. They have the best overview of how a wide variety of reference programs and reference managers work, and how they develop the specific skills they need to run a reference program and succeed in their careers. It's time we started tapping this experience. 

- We'll use a careful selection process

Topics and vendor-presenters will be picked by a selection committee of  our most experienced and respected reference managers (who also sit on the Advisory Board). Our long-term vendors who've attended our conferences for years understand fully and agree that their mission is to provide great value and avoid any sort of "sales pitch."

That's it for now. Please stay tuned on this and other exciting developments as we put together the 2012 Summit on Customer Engagement.

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