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Become Famous

Posted by Bill Lee on October 20, 2011 at 04:38 AM

I said, "If I do better than him, why can't I get paid as much as him."  The client said, "Because he's famous, and you're not." There's two ways to deal with this: 1) Say life istn't fair or whine, or 2) Become famous."

Marshall Goldsmith  

Is that any less true for a corporate manager or executive than it is for a top flight consultant like Marshall Goldsmith? In his world of executive coadhing, Goldsmith is famous. Within your world--your company and among your professional peers--shouldn't you be working to become famous? If you're seeking budget, a new direction for your customer engagement program, greater impact, more support across functions, whatever--wouldn't you rather have your reputation preceed you before you enter the room? Wouldn't it be better if the people who matter to your success are talking about your ideas?

Those who prefer to remain in the background are engaged in wishful thinking if they think that their good works and insightful ideas will be apparent to those who really matter. It's your responsiblity to make those ideas apparent, and that means, in a word, becoming "famous" in your world.

For those of you who manage customer engagement programs--reference programs, advisory boards, customer communities and so forth--the opportunity, and need, for you to step up and establish thought leadership are tremendous now. 

- Harvard Business Review is scheduled to publish my book, The Hidden Wealth of Customers, in June 2012. It will tought the strategic importance or potential importance of the customer engagement program you help run.

- Eloqua co-founder Mark Organ, who helped build demand generation from a marketing backwater into one of the most important and well-funded areas of marketing today, is now workding on doing the same thing for customer advocacy with his new firm, Influitive. Mark is sponsoring and will be co-leading a workshop at the 2012 Summit on Customer Engagement on why customer advocacy will attain explosive growth in the next decade.

- As I've pointed out before, the C-suite is becoming increasingly aware of the need to bring customers into organizational processes including sales, marketing and product development. They need your ideas and guidance on how exactly to do this. They need you to step up. They need your thought leadership.

They need for you to become famous in your organzation and in your profession.


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