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NetApp to Present on Moving Reference Content into Social Media

Posted by Bill Lee on November 3, 2011 at 12:26 PM

Here's a quick update on a presentation we've added for the 2012 Summit on Customer Engagement:  

How NetApp Is Bringing References to the Forefront of Marketing 

Rochelle Silveira, Director and Tina Ashamalla, Sr. Manager, Global Reference Office, will show how they are moving NetApp's references to leading edge social media platforms on order to better promote their stories. 

Customer references are moving increasingly to the forefront of marketing, branding and social media efforts—the content they provide is too important not to. Rochelle and Tina will show how they are moving NetApp’s references to leading edge social media platforms to promote their stories. Like many firms, NetApp’s reference program doesn’t own social media, so had to find ways to work with the internal organization that did. You’ll learn how they helped clarify the social media strategy for NetApp and developed a detailed business plan in order to gain the support and endorsement from several marketing VPs. Hear how NetApp is bridging the gap between “Social” and “Reference” with a new program and learn what vendors they engaged to accelerate the initiative, and how the new initiative will cultivate “Power Advocates” among its customers.

 More presentations

 Stay tuned in future announcements for presentations from, NetSuite, Intel, our keynote speaker, our workshops and more.

Also we're extending the early registration discount, so there is still time to take advantage of that.


I enjoyed the networking opportunity and learning how my peers address the same challenges I am faced with. I came out with many good ideas I can readily implement. Ignacio Lalana, Reference Program Manager, EMC Corporation  

The ability to network with peers was as important (maybe even a little more) as the presentations.  Heidi Gilmore, Customer Reference Manager, MathWorks

I say this every time - it's the networking! It's great to be able to meet with peers and colleagues and exchange ideas. Tami Andrews, Voice of the Customer Reference Mgr, Dell, Inc.  



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