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Apple Is Run By Its Customers, cont'd

Posted by Bill Lee on November 15, 2011 at 07:19 AM

When biographer Walter Isaacson asked Steve Jobs why the iPod crushed Miicrosoft's competitor product, the Zune, Jobs told him:

The older I get, the more I see how much motivation matters. The Zune was crappy because people at Microsoft don’t really love music or art the way we do. We won because we personally love music. We made the iPod for ourselves, and when you’re doing something for yourself or your best friend or family, you’re not going to cheese out. If you don’t love something you’re not going to go the extra mile, work the extra weekend, challenge the status quo as much. [Emphasis added.]

Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs, p. 407

In the pic below of a young Steve Jobs in his house, note that there's no furniture--he was so famously picky about design that he couldn't find furniture that was up to his standards. But there IS a stereo--a sign of how passionate he was about music throughout his life. And of why Jobs himself was the iPod's best customer, and therefore made the best product on the market.


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