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The Increasing Importance of the POST Sale Customer Relationship

Posted by Bill Lee on November 15, 2011 at 02:14 PM

That's becoming increasingly apparent, as we continue filling out the agenda for the 2011 Summit on Customer Engagement. Existing customers are increasingly important to the growth of your firm. And so are the people within your firm who develop real live relationships with them -- relationships that get existing customers to help you: 

- Establish awareness in your market.

- Establish thought leadership.

- Confirm your brand promise.

- Help prospects narrow their choices (to include you).

- Help buyers justify their choice, once they've chosen you.

- Proovide critical input that improves existing products and helps create breakthrough innovations.

- Help support and provide community to your broader customer base.

- Provide input to corporate strategy, to help keep it focused on what matters.


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