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7 Reasons Why Reference Pros Should Attend the Summit on Customer Engagement

Posted by Bill Lee on January 10, 2012 at 01:01 PM

Especially if The Summit on Customer Engagement is the only event you attend this year.

Just chatted with Eric Larson at Projectline about this. To listen:

...or Read:

-- We're established.We're in our 8th year (longest running conference for customer reference professionals). If you can attend only one customer reference event this year, don't roll the dice with an unknown. Join us. 

-- We're independent. The Summit is not run by a vendor in the space. We've  focused on bringing you the best available content--not selling to you. 

-- It's about the practitioner. We've worked hard to make it a comfortable event for reference managers and executives. While vendor sponsors play an important role, involvement in the content of the event is carefully managed to guarantee a quality event for practitioners.

- We provide the best content on the planet. Not only top notch reference practitioners, but great keynotes and thought leaders. This year we have one of the US's top 10 CMO's, Scott Olrich, keynoting, plus a fireside chat with top social media guru SEan O'Driscoll--arguably the world's leading expert on social media and customer advocacy. You WILL return with impressive action items to show your boss.

-- We have a "beginner's slope."For skiers, also known as the "bunny hill." Each year we have an extended special session for people who are just starting a reference program, called, "Just Getting Started." If you realize you need to develop a customer reference program, this is for you.

- We're the biggest.With the largest, most vibrant community of customer reference peers in the world. Last year we had more than 150 reference professionals  participating at the Summit.

- We're international.Many of our community members run global programs with a global perspective. We have attendees coming this year from Denmark, India and other countries around the world.

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