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Summit Update: Oracle Presenting on Strategic Customer Referencing

Posted by Bill Lee on January 25, 2012 at 10:04 AM

 Updates from the 2012 Summit on Customer Engagement:   


The early registration discount, is still open, so there is still time to take advantage of that.   

BREAKING NEWS: Oracle's Sr. Director of Global Customer Programs, Michael Stephenson to present on Leveraging Your Highest Value Customers for Strategic Referencing. If your reference program is pursuing any customer with a pulse, or any customer that sales sends your way, it's time to get strategic.

 "Customer referencing is an after-thought in many organizations," says Michael. "Reference teams end up accepting almost any customer who is willing to provide a testimonial, regardless of how and where that customer fits with the organization's strategy." 

In a world in which customers are your best spokes- and sales people, that approach will undermine a major opportunity to put your best foot--your best customer advocates--forward. 

Instead customer reference programs can become marginalized in terms of resources and executive mindshare because the group is seen as being outside the mainstream of the organization's strategy. Stephenson will show how you can break this cycle and ensure that the customers you engage for referencing are the right customers – the highest value and the most strategic customers. Examples from Oracle's successful referencing program will be provided.

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