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Say What They Expect, Cover Your Backside

Posted by Bill Lee on April 30, 2012 at 02:14 PM

This was the statement from an attorney representing doctors, in response to a lawsuit filed by a 20 year old patient whose arms and legs--all of them--had to be amputated when a bacterial infection got out of control. According to The Dallas Morning News, the hospital withheld appropriate antibiotics for more than a day and a half after she was first admitted to the emergency room.

"We have great empathy for Miss Mitchell and her family. At this point, our investigation indicates that all Questcare practitioners who treated Miss Mitchell provided appropriate care, notwithstanding her tragic outcome."

I wonder what impact doctors and hospitals officials think such a transparently obvious and uncaring statement will have on their patients, and on people in the community who might one day be their patients? Or on Miss Mitchell and her family.

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