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How To Turn Your Customers Into RockStars of Influence

Posted by Bill Lee on June 5, 2012 at 07:31 AM

From Fast Company Online, an excerpt from The Hidden Wealth of Customers

Consider Catie, a potential rockstar for your firm.

She runs a small business, placing her in the small and medium business market, which presents significant opportunities for growth for your firm. Catie is not a particularly big revenue customer as far as your business model goes--she spends about $6,000 per year, and generates $2,400 in profit. But she’s a potential gold mine nonetheless. To begin with, she’s loyal, easy to service, not price sensitive, and, as a result, is solidly profitable--unlike many of your higher-revenue but short-term or difficult-to-work-with customers.

Much more significant, however, is her tremendous hidden wealth. She has a great story to tell about the value your firm provides to her business, typical of what you could be doing for many other businesses in this important market.

She participates in your online customer community and in other networks attractive to your business. She keeps a blog, has active LinkedIn and Facebook pages along with a Twitter account, and frequently blogs, tweets, or comments on developments in her industry as well as profession. A straightforward analysis of her social media presence shows that she’s an influencer with attractive ties to excellent prospects for your firm’s products and services--many of whom you and your salespeople would love to connect with...

To read more about Catie,  how she can help grow your business, and how companies are tapping the growth potential of customers like Caate:

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