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Creating Customer Defenders

Posted by Bill Lee on October 18, 2012 at 01:23 PM

Master Class Series: 7 Things Customer Reference Programs Must Do

Posted by Bill Lee on October 18, 2012 at 09:14 AM

References are a powerful marketing weapon... Although every company knows that, most companies have a lax approach to managing them.” Marc Benioff, CEO,

Our first teleconference in the Master Class Series on Customer Reference Programs is coming up on October 31 (please not date change from October 29). 
Our topic: 7 Things Every Customer Reference Program Must Do To Succeed, led by David Sroka, CEO of Point of Reference, Charlotte Lilley, BoxStar Program Manager at Box (formerly Here's a quick preview from David, who's supported many customer reference programs from a variety of industries for 10 years.

"Building a successful customer reference program is like managing a large event-there's more to it then you think to do it right. Keeping in mind a few critical basics can make the effort much easier, and much more successful.

"For example, ABR: Always be recruiting. Reference teams often lapse on this due to competing time-sensitive activities, and that costs them. Reference recruiting should be systematic and ongoing. And you need sources other than sales.

"Your relationship with Sales is also important. Don't just be their concierge, be their partner. Establish a sales advisory board, for example.

"With metrics, don't fall into an 'either/or' mode. I urge reference managers to track two sets: one for the program that tracks program objectives, and one for executives that tracks business outcomes."

 To learn more about these concepts as well as the other four critical things reference programs need to succeed, join us for the live session on October 31 at 1pm EDT, or you can get the download and listen at your convenience.

 Learn more and register for the Master Class Series on Customer Reference Programs.